Site for BuchaFilm

Site for BuchaFilm

September 14, 2022

Massive Kientic volunteered in making a site for BuchaFilm

This project is a film based on a true story. In April of 2022, the public learned about horrific events that took place in Bucha and other Ukrainian cities, occupied by the Russian troops. Our mission is to tell the entire world about what really happened. This film is based on a true story of a political refugee from Kazakhstan who saved hundreds of Ukrainians in Bucha and in other occupied cities and towns.

The filming will take place in Ukraine in the same locations where the actual events took place.

Production is scheduled for winter 2022-2023 with the initial screening targeting spring of 2023.

The crew has been assembled and the teaser was shot in August of 2022.

The funding will be provided by donations from donors, sponsors, and independent investors.

This project, once completed, will help Ukraine tell the true story of its people to a wider international community.

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