What is Massive Kinetic?

First things first, Massive Kinetic is people. People that work together, create valuable products, share experience, absorb new knowledge... and have fun.

We love the working process itself as much as we love the results of this work.

Only a few people (the chosen) are aware of the original story of how company archieved the name of Massive Kinetic. Our employees got used to say that you have to find your own explanation. Let's put it this way.


Originally Massive Kinetic is a team of web & mobile developers from Kyiv, Ukraine.

Today we are 8 enthusiasts in front-end, back-end development, iOS and Android mobile development, internet marketing, web design, copywriting and SMM.

Massive Kinetic New Gene Office Space


As the 2020 had brought its adjustments in this world plans, most part of Massive Kinetic team works remotely, but a few of us usually go to our comfy and modern office space, located on the left cost of Dnipro river.


Our main goal is to create the working environment that will be comfy for each team member from one hand and high-efficient from another.

Of course we aim on solid projects that make people's lives easier, help'm save time and money to spend it on more valuable things!

Another Massive Kinetic goal is to grow up to 20 employees and succeed on local and global markets as a company. The plan is in proccess, just some time required.

If our goals correlate with yours - come visit Massive Kinetic Careers page. Maybe you're the upcoming star of our team!

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This point stays empty for upcoming inspiring thoughts and stuff. We wish the future of each of us (and you, our friend) will be well-being, healthy and fun!

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