Massive Kinetic site major update

Massive Kinetic site major update

March 22, 2021

2020 was plenty of work. We completed a couple of great projects for our clients as well as we were working on the own SaaS products. Massive Kinetic website was about to take a major update as planned at the beginning of 2021. And we've made it!

Meet Massive Kinetic site version 2.0

As far as the corporate website is a kinda business card, it had to freshen up. We've been asked about the provided services, the projects we did in past and those we work on at the moment. So we created the following site sections where you can see Massive Kinetic clients and the latest case-studies.

That's not the only improvement here. From services and projects sections let's move to the blog.

Simple way to share news

We revitalized the strictly-made blog pages. Now it's comfy to read and share the news, discover ultimate Massive Kinetic products and features as well as keep up about company events.

Isn't it great?

Let's make your dreams come true

One of the goals of ours is to grow up as a company. Another one is to give opportunities to realize people's potential: as developers or designers, as project manager or QA engineers - we engage the employees in great projects and let them be amazing in what they do!

New careers page has the full list of vacancies in Massive Kinetic. Join us now and build your career!

What next?

This update is not the last one so far. We are going to continue providing renovations to make better each time.

It's always awesome to get your feedback on what we do. If you have what to tell us - consider using a contact form and we will reply you asap.


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