Customers types: how they affect CR?

Customers types: how they affect CR?

February 9, 2021

Don't you see a lack of sales while generating more site traffic? Are you satisfied with your ecommerce website current conversion?

There's an unrealized blockage between an ecommerce website and higher conversion rates. Website designers and copywriters often fail to address the needs of more than one or two types of customers. That’s why many customers quickly leave without making an order.

This article will help you better identify customers types, understand and serve them so your ability to convert those customers will grow.

1. Lookers

Those visitors are "just looking". They're not looking for something particular. They have fun while shopping and usually things must be really catchy to steal their thunder. Sometimes they even have been looking for a different store, but got lost while serfing the internet.

Tip: Never give up on lookers. Make sure your ecommerce website is easy to navigate and search. Give them a great reason to share their email addresses with you. Then try to captivate their interest within email letters.

2. Bargain Hunters

Some users love sales. They want to see if they can find a bargain.

Tip: Never make users go elsewhere to find special discount codes. Consider including a coupons and discounts page to your ecommerce website. Highlight the sale items instead of making users search for them.

3. Buyers

People of this type are on a mission. They know exactly what they need, and they’re here to get it.

Tip: Try to avoid immediate pop-ups and infinite registration+checkout procedures. Try a "Buy in 1 click" form with name and email fields to simplify an order. Also you may try using the autofill in your forms.

4. Researchers

The researchers have a general idea of what they’re after, but they always want the maximum of information about the options, prices, quality, delivery, guarantee etc.

Tip: Provide details, instructions, sizing guides, high-quality photos, videos and other useful data you can add. This might help researchers find what they seek and make an informed decision. In B2B researchers also like downloads and white papers.

5. New Customers

New customers are those who enjoyed the last visit to your store, and who's back to find out more about what you offer.

Tip: Always welcome returning customers to your website, try extending special offers for them. Thank them in every turn. People who feel valued will be back for more.

6. Dissatisfied Customers

Some customers come back to you not to buy, but to return something. For some reason, a previous purchase didn’t suit them. They want customer service.

Tip: Be quick to give a feedback to bad reviews but make sure you understand the compliant before responding. Try to turn dissatisfied customer into a loyal one.

7. Loyal Customers

The best type of customers for you. Loyal customers come back often and love shopping with you.

Tip: Establish a measuring stick for customer loyalty levels. Find ways to recognize and reward your loyal customers. You can give them special pricing, special recognithion and more. Treat them like VIPs and they will come back for more.

We hope you enjoyed this article and we wish you more loyal customers in your business!

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